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These guidelines will instruct you on how to use our brand identity effectively, to make all brand communications look and sound their best.



Our logo represents the rich heritage and expansion of Tsujita and Killer Noodle. Inspired by our Japanese roots, it captures the essence of our journey from Tokyo to the United States.

Overall, our logo embodies our evolution from a single Tokyo restaurant to a growing presence with multiple locations across Japan, California, and Texas. It reflects our commitment to delivering exceptional dining experiences and our ambition to continue expanding and sharing our love for Japanese cuisine.



Our brand's color palette is designed to evoke a sense of boldness, energy, and passion while staying true to our Japanese roots. The primary colors in our palette are red and black, with a dynamic gradient of red to orange for our special phoenix logo version.

Our phoenix logo version features a captivating gradient that transitions from a deep red to a vibrant orange. This gradient represents the rising sun and the fusion of fire and warmth. It symbolizes the rebirth and transformation of our brand, showcasing the phoenix emerging from a ramen bowl, a powerful representation of our culinary mastery and creativity.

The combination of red, black, and the gradient creates a visually striking and cohesive color palette that reinforces our brand identity across various touchpoints. These colors should be used consistently in our brand materials, digital assets, and communication channels to maintain a strong and recognizable visual presence.

Warm Red




Noodle Yellow






Copperplate: Our primary font, Copperplate, exudes a timeless and classic charm. With its elegant and refined letterforms, Copperplate captures the essence of tradition and craftsmanship. Its clean lines and balanced proportions reflect our commitment to quality and attention to detail. Copperplate brings a sense of sophistication and authenticity to our brand, perfectly aligning with our dedication to delivering an exceptional culinary experience.

Helvetica: Complementing Copperplate, our secondary font is Helvetica. This modern and versatile sans-serif typeface brings a contemporary touch to our brand. Helvetica's simplicity, clarity, and legibility make it highly effective in conveying information and maintaining readability across various mediums. It represents our commitment to staying current, adapting to the evolving culinary landscape, and connecting with a diverse and modern audience.

The combination of Copperplate and Helvetica showcases the balance we strive for between tradition and innovation. It conveys our brand's rich heritage while embracing a modern and approachable identity. The pairing of these fonts creates a visual hierarchy, where Copperplate can be used for headlines, titles, or prominent brand elements, while Helvetica serves as a reliable choice for body text, subheadings, and supporting content.

When using typography in our brand materials, it is important to maintain consistency in font weights, sizes, and spacing. This consistency will reinforce our brand's professionalism and reliability, while also ensuring a cohesive and recognizable visual identity across all touchpoints.




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